1857 – 2007 From Normal School to the Faculty of Education
Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future.

The Jacques Cartier Normal School was situated in the Château  Ramezay, at the corner of Ste. Claude and Notre Dame Streets and was officially opened on the morning of Tuesday, March 3.
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The Jacques Cartier Normal School moved north to Logan’s Farm on Sherbrooke Street (Lafontaine Park).
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The Jacques Cartier Normal School celebrated both its 50th Anniversary, as reported in the Associated Montreal Star and the Catholic Teacher’s Association’s Golden Jubilee, as reported in the Montreal Daily Star .
The McGill Normal School on Belmont Street in downtown Montreal officially opened on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 3.
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The first professional teacher’s organization in Canada, the Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers (PAPT), was formed. William Dawson was elected president three times.
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The McGill Normal School celebrated its 50th anniversary. By this time, it offered five teaching diplomas: Elementary School, Advanced Elementary School, Kindergarten, Model School and Academy Diploma.
In fifty years the McGill Normal School had trained 2,989 teachers, to whom were issued 4,118 diplomas: 300 Academy grade, 1,452 model school grade, 33 kindergarten, and 2,333 elementary. To mark the occasion, Sampson P. Robbins retired after 24 years as principal. Read the article from the Montreal Daily Star.

The McGill Normal School was initially established to train Protestant teachers in public elementary and model education institutions, as described in the 1857 Prospectus. The first class included 35 women and 5 men. William Dawson was the first principal. Students were required to be at least 26 years of age and to produce certificates of good moral character from their clergyman. Read more about student rules and regulations for normal school students.

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A five-week summer Library School debuted. The first of its kind in Canada, the original session included courses on classification, cataloguing, shelf listing and reference work.
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