1862-1863 Special Regulations for Government and Discipline (of Pupil-Teachers)

1857 special regulations for the admission of Pupil-teachers

1. Pupil-teachers guilty of drunkenness, of frequenting taverns, or entering disorderly houses or gambling houses, of keeping company with disorderly persons, or of committing any act of immorality or insubordination, shall be expelled.

2. There shall be no intercourse between the male and female pupil-teachers while in the school, or when going to, or returning from it. Teachers of one sex are strictly prohibited from visiting those of the other.

3. They are on no account to be absent from their lodgings after half-past nine o'clock in the evening.

4. They will be allowed to attend such lectures and public meetings only as may be considered by the Principal conducive to their moral and mental improvement.

5. Proprietors of boarding-houses authorized by the Principal, shall report to him any infraction of the rules, with which they may become acquainted.

6. The Professors shall have the power of excluding from the lectures for a time, any student who may be inattentive to his studies or guilty of any minor infraction of the regulations.

7. Pupil-teachers shall be required to state, with what religious denomination they are connected, and lists of the students connected with each denomination shall be furnished to one of the ministers of such denomination resident in Montréal, with a request that he will meet weekly with that portion of the pupil-teachers, or otherwise provide for their religious instruction. Every Thursday afternoon, after four o'clock, will be assigned for this purpose.

8. In addition to punctual attendance at the weekly religious instruction, each student will be required to attend public worship at his own church, at least every Sunday.

(Source: McGill University Calendar 1862-1863)

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