List of McGill Normal School - Officers of Instruction - 1906 - 1907

    Sampson Paul Robins, M.A., - Principal and Lecturer on Art of Teaching

    Abner W. Kneeland, M.A., B.C.L., - Ordinary Professor of English Language and Literature

    Mme. Sophie Cornu, - Ordinary Professor of French

    Mr. Henry F. Armstrong, - Associate Professor of Drawing

    Miss Lilian B. Robins, B.A., - Assistant to the principal, and Instructor in mathematics and Classics

    Mr. W.H. Smith, - Instructor in Vocal Music

    Mr. Jon. P. Stephen, - Instructor in Elocution

    Prof. Nevil N. Evans, M.A.Sc. - Lecturer on Chemistry

    Mr. James Walker, - Instructor in penmanship and Book-keeping

    Miss Louise Derick, - Instructor in Kindergarten Methods

    Mr. E.W. Arthy, - Lecturer in the Theory of Kindergarten and Transition Work

    Miss V.M. Holstrom, - Instructor in Calisthenics

    J. A. Williams, M.D., - Lecturer in Physiology and Hygiene, and Medical Superintendent

    Prof. H.T. Barnes, D.Sc., - Lecturer on Physics

    Prof. Carrie M. Derick, M.A., - Lecturer on Botany

    Miss Josephine T. Dow, - Instructor in Cooking

    Mr. Carl Johansson - Manual Training

    E. Montgomery Campbell. B.A., Head Master of Boys' Model School - assisted by Elizabeth Reid, Christian Murphy, and Iva A. Bridge

    Miss Mary I. Peebles - Head Mistress of Girls' Model School - assisted by Ethel Stuart, A. Murial Wilson, B.A., May Smith, B.A., and Annie E. Ewan

    Miss Selina F. Sloan, Head Mistress of Model Primary School - assisted by Jessie Y. Chisholm, and Florence Runnells.

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