There was a rush to get to the next venue on time! Superintendent Chauvreau, the Principal and Professors of the Jacques Cartier Normal School, and those from McGill quickly headed northward for Beaver Hall. At Belmont Street they turned west passing Brunswick and Hanover Street. They had arrived at the location for the second official engagement of the day, the opening of the McGill Normal School that would train teachers for the Protestant schools.

The Hon. P.J.O Chauvreau
The press would report:

The Hall was crowded to excess, and shortly after the hour appointed, a procession of the officers was formed which entered the Hall in the following order. The Secretary of McGill College in costume,--The Secretary and officers of the Department of Education, -- Selected Inspectors, --members of the Protestant Board of Examiners, --Rev. Mr. Verreau, Principal and Professors of the Jacques Cartier Normal School, the Professors of the McGill Normal School, -- the Hon. Judge Day, president of the Board of Governors of the University, Mr. Dawson, Principal of the University and of the McGill Normal School. The Governors, Doctors, Professors and Students of the University, in costume.

His Lordship the Anglican Bishop of Montreal and Mr. Principal Dawson having taken their places on the platform with the Superintendent of Education (Chauvreau), the Reverend Dr. Leach, Canon of the Cathedral and Vice-Principal of the University, was requested by the Chairman to open the meeting with a prayer.

The Rev. Canon Leach having offered up a prayer, the Chairman rose to introduce the proceeding, and was received with great applause. He said: -- Before any other proceeding, I think it my duty to communicate to this meeting, the following letter from His Excellency the Governor General ...(a letter addressed Toronto, Government House, and dated February 6th. 1857 expressed Edmund Head's regrets at not being able to attend the opening of the two Normal Schools established in Montreal. Regrets "at their being prevented, by their official duties, from attending" were also received from the Premier of the Provincial Cabinet, the Hon. Colonel Taché, the Hon. Mr. Cartier, Attorney General, and the Hon. Mr. Lemieux, Commissioner of Public Works)..."

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