1857 – 2007 From Normal School to the Faculty of Education
Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future.

Place: 1st floor Lobby - Faculty of Education
 3700 McTavish

View photographs - 150th Anniversary Open House Exhibition.

Has education really changed since 1857? How will it look in 2057? All was revealed at the Faculty of Education’s commemoration of 150 years of teacher education at McGill. Opening its doors to the public, guests were invited to travel through time at the Past, Present and Future open-house exhibition.

Past: Pictures, facts and artifacts dating back before the days of Macdonald Campus carried our alumni down memory lane at the ‘History of Teacher Education at McGill’ exhibition.

Present: Guests found out about the latest developments in education presented by our professors at the ‘Gateway of the 21st Century’.

Future: Will robots and computers replace chalk-and-talk in the future? Our students dazzled the public with their vision of ‘Education in a New Era’.

200 visitors from all walks of life met our professors and students as they shared their exciting research and pedagogy:

  • Cyber-Bullying: Battle or Opportunity? - Prof. Shaheen Shariff
  • The History of First Nations and Inuit Education at McGill University - Prof. Donna-Lee Smith
  • Exploring Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder from the Perspective of Children in Physical Activity - Prof. William Harvey
  • Reel Indians - Prof. Michael Doxtater
  • Art Matters - Prof. Elizabeth Wood
  • Creole Studies & Second Language Education - Prof. Lise Winer
  • When Wrong is Right: The Study of Maladaptive Coping in Children & Adolescents - Prof. Nancy Heath
  • Using Communities of Practice to Support Learning - Prof. Kim Dalkir
  • New Media Pedagogies - Prof. Michael Hoechsmann
  • Higher Education Research & Development: Improving the Quality of Teaching & Learning - Prof. Alenoush Saroyan
  • Building Bridges: ABRACADABRA in the Hands of Classroom Teachers - Prof. Rob Savage
  • Breast Cancer, Psychosocial Health, and Physical Activity - Prof. Catherine Sabiston
  • The Building Blocks of Children's Honesty: Educational, Psychologial and Legal Issues - Prof. Victoria Talwar
  • Exploring Links to Organized and Unorganized Physical Activity During Adolescence - Prof. Enrique Garcia
  • Bioinformatics and Information Studies - Prof. Joan Bartlett
  • History Trek - Prof. Andy Large
  • Preparing to Teach in the Real World: Field Experiences in 2007 - Fiona Benson
  • Exploring the Role of Educational Beliefs in Human Rights Education (HRE) - Kevin Chin (PhD Candidate)
  • Attending to Cultural Diversity: Past, Present, & Future - Anne-Marie Mikhail, (M.Sc Student)
  • Apaji mlgigna'tunej gtli'sutiminu ('Let Us Bring Strength back to our Language') - Janine Metallic (PhD Student)
  • Information Ethics in the Post 9/11 Period - Michelle DeVidi (PhD Candidate)
  • Movement Skill Development and Motor Planning of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders - Kerri Staples (PhD Student)
  • Teaching Music in a Culturally Appropriate Manner in the Inuit Community of Akulivik - Dale Boyle (PhD Candidate)
  • Educational Technology - Kimberley Corbett-Yates & Kylie Joyce (4th Yr Students)
  • The Interdisciplinary Work Between Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience and Educational Psychology - Shohreh M. Rezazadeh & Kim Daniel (PhD Students)
  • The Changing Face of Normal in 20th Century New Brunswick History Textbooks - Frances Helyar (PhD Candidate)
  • Cognitive Tools to Support and Study Diagnostic Reasoning - Genevieve Gauthier (PhD Student)
  • A Virtual Reality Library Catalogue: Catering to the Digital Generations - Charles-Antoine Julien (PhD Student)
  • The Information-Seeking Behavior of Grade 3 Students in the Context of a Class Project - Valerie Nesset (PhD Candidate)
  • Whole-Body Adaptations to Repetitive Motion-Induced Arm Fatigue - Karen Lomond (PhD Candidate) with Jason Fuller (PhD Student)
  • Wrist Shot Accuracy - Yannick Michaud-Paquette (MSc Biomechanics candidate)
  • Pedagogical Reflection in Statistics Instruction - Lucy Cumyn (PhD Candidate)
  • Comparing Ground Reaction Forces During Walking on Level and Tilted Surfaces - Ryan Ouckama (MSc Biomechanics)

Plus general information from Student Advisors, Education Undergraduate Society (EDUS) and Education Graduate Student Society (EGSS).

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