Some staff that joined St. Joseph Teachers' College at its new location included: Brendan Fahey, Dominic Modaferri, William Ryan, Norman Henchey, Robert Lavery, Bill Lawlor, Paul Boulianne, Louise Bourgault, André Leblanc, Henri Gougeon, Helen Gougeon, Sister Scott, Socrates Rapagna, Leo Dowd, Kathleen Francoeur, Maurice Dupré, Clifford Papke, André Provencher, Graham Spence, Ann Creaghan, and Lenore Duggan.

Click here to see staff portraits from St. Joseph Teachers' College 1966-1970.

1960 Quebec’s Royal Commission of Inquiry on Education (The Parent Report) recommended that the St. Joseph's Teacher's College quickly ally itself to a university. It would take ten years for the merger with McGill University to take place.

1964 St. Joseph Teachers' College celebrated its 25th anniversary.

1970 St. Joseph Teachers' College merged with the Faculty of Education at McGill.

Download Dr. Norman Henchey’s brief history on St. Joseph Teachers' College and its merger with McGill.

Download Edward McCraken’s historical memoir ‘Adieu St. Joe’s

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