After 63 years at Macdonald College, the Faculty of Education moved into a newly constructed building at 3700 McTavish St. Merging with St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College, the Faculty created a Department of Catholic Studies to accommodate their new colleagues and students.

1971 A new three-year post-CEGEP Bachelor of Education degree was launched, offering diverse programs.

George E. Flower became the second Dean of the Faculty of Education.

1976 The Division of Educational Leadership (DEL) was established for the in-service professional development of school principals. Also established the same year, the Division of Educational Computer Applications (DECA) offered instruction for already practicing teachers on how to implement the use of computers in education. Enrollments reached 987 undergraduate and 419 graduate students.

1977 A diploma program, in Human Relations and Family Life Education, was created for the Giftedness Centre.

1979 The Certificate in Native and Northern Education, a program to prepare teachers for teaching in Inuit communities, was approved.

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